Trending Video: Lady Shares Tutorial On How To Deal With A Cheating Man

US-based Liberian lady has taken to social media to share a video tutorial on how to deal with cheating men.

Identified as Fey Nelson on Facebook, she took to the platform to share a video of herself desecrating a glass of wine by washing her feet and hair with it.

However, Fey Nelson doesn’t stop there but goes on to rinse the cotton buds in the wine after she had used them to clean her nose and her ear. After she is done, she filters the wine and pour it into a glass. She captioned the video, “Preparing a glass of wine for your cheating husband.”

See video below:

This was the same lady who some months ago, became a viral sensation after she revealed how she punished her cheating Nigerian husband.

Her husband traveled to Nigeria for two months to meet with a mistress thinking his wife was unaware. In his absence she moved out of their big house, kept their properties in storage and rented their home out for N461,078 per month for a whole year.

Her husband returned, discovered he had no access to the house and his wife revealed what she had done as she advised him to change or forget the marriage.

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