Tunde Ednut called out for cussing the mother of a food blogger who accused him of ‘picture theft’

Controversial IG blogger, Tunde Ednut has been called out by food bloggers after he cussed out the mother of a Nigerian food blogger who reported him for ‘stealing’ a picture she used on her blog.

The blogger identified as 9jafoodie accused Tunde of stealing her content without giving credit to her. She however confronted him and asked him to give her credit but he called it bluff. She then reported the case to Instagram, which spurred them to take down the image on Tunde’s page.

Tunde Ednut called out for cussing Nigerian woman Tunde Ednut called out for cussing Nigerian woman

Tunde Ednut then took to the DM of the blogger to rain abuses on her

The blogger had to share the screenshot from the chat.

Tunde Ednut called out for cussing Nigerian woman

She wrote:

“This is so funny because on several occasions when my content has been taken by him, I have literally been in the comment like “ha uncle, you shouldn’t just take content o, you should at least recognize the source”. No response. Now a whole DM dedicated to me, what an honour”

Reacting to her post, other food bloggers took to her comment section to call out the singer-turned-blogger.

Sisi Yemmie wrote:

“E pain am ooo What is this mess???? It infuriates me soooo much. Content creators go through a lot from content thieves. Na so somebody say I’m a woman not supporting women because I refused to let her reupload my videos on her page so she can monetize it. Sis, it’s confusing.”

“O dun! E pain am die “

Cheff Fregz wrote: “I’m not understanding”

The Kitchen Muse wrote:

“He does this to almost every content creator, takes your content and doesn’t give you credit, such entitled and foul human being”

Freesiafoodies wrote:

“Oh no!!!! Tunde wrote all this ke. It’s disconcerting reading this. So unsettling. Mabinu Ronke”

Matsecooks wrote:

“How did I just see this? He has done it to me severally. I try to draw his attention and he ignores. Well done on reporting the theft to Instagram Ronke. That is the action I have also taken with several accounts. Sweet revenge. The process of reporting takes time but it is so so sweet when your content is removed from an idiot’s page. The shock it gives to them. Oh so good! “


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