8 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Sex

6. It’s often not that satisfying.

What, you thought women were the only people who could be disappointed in bed? We already covered this, but still not very respectfully woke of you. I guess our dissatisfaction stems from the average man’s general inability to decide on any lone thing and also perhaps our insane consumption of pornography (so MAYBE this one is all our fault).

Nowadays, there’s so many positions and techniques and myriad fucked up shit to try with someone else that during the average sexual encounter I wanna do like at least 80 of the things. And, like, let’s be serious. I’m probably only going to get to do four.

So we gotta pick and choose what we want out of each encounter. It’s like, so, if I ask her if she will sit on my face while I jack off, then I probably have to table until next time the reversal cowgirl while I get to look at and play with her butt.

I know sex isn’t a Golden Corral buffet where I can try every consensual meal I want for $9.99, but I wish it was.

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