5 Ways to Get the Career Growth You Need

But, how do you make sure you’re growing in a way that builds into a meaningful career and a fulfilling life?

2. Focus on Foundational Skills and Processes

In her work at Squarespace and Healing View Wellness, Shavon has found that people are so excited to get ahead, they often skip the most important core skills. “Skipping the groundwork can be detrimental early on. Learn to love the basics of what your industry is because that’s where mastery comes from,” she says. That means not only practicing the fundamental skills you need for your specific role, but continually building processes that deepen your fluency as a professional.

For Shavon, that meant building systems that enabled her to grow Healing View Wellness before she took on any clients. She strategically planned and practiced every aspect of the business—bookkeeping, time management, scheduling, billing and her website.

For her website, Shavon says, “I needed something that allowed me the creative freedom to evenly reflect my dedication to this field, the alchemy of my services and the simplicity of healing in a chaotic world. Squarespace was and still is the best platform to build a website.”

For you, it may mean finally figuring out a system to keep your inbox in check, implementing tactics to make meetings more efficient, or creating a website that really showcases your identity. These time investments pay back major dividends as you advance in your career.

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