Xenophobia: ‘Nigeria is sick’ – Nigerian lady narrates how she was attacked by Nigerians protesting over the xenophobic attacks in SA (photos)

A Nigerian lady identified as Olaitan Adedeji on Facebook has taken to the platform to narrate how she was attacked on her way coming back from work by a mob protesting over the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

Sharing photos of her car which was badly damaged, she wrote;

Nigeria is sick. This happened to me yesterday. Less than 5 minutes from my house. You claim you are protesting the killing of Nigerians in South Africa so what do you do? You try to kill Nigerians in Nigeria too. I wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was exactly where I was meant to be – on my way home after a long day at work. My car wasn’t tinted, so they could clearly see the occupants were everyday people like them. The first person to wield the long stick in my direction was a woman. Then the men joined in.

My driver kept shouting ‘e bend, e bend’ so I adopted a brace position. Just as I did, rocks flew into the car, right where I sat, one of them with such force that it crashed through the window and ripped off the seat fabric. They surrounded my car and broke both the front and rear glasses and all the windows.

And did they leave us? No, they kept chasing, as though telling themselves the havoc they had wreaked wasn’t nearly enough. How my driver managed to get us out remains a mystery (remind me to never complain about him again, lol) With glass pieces all over me and blood trickling from my face, arms and legs, we kept driving. Chevron Drive was the only relatively sane place around so I called Nkem who went above and beyond to take care of us, not minding glass pieces all over her house.

I’ve been checked and I’m fine. My head hurts cos there are still splinters all over my hair. But my heart hurts more because I live in a sick country. This country is starting to devour its own but we will not be afraid of the arrows that fly by day…

See photos below:




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