Tech solutions, way forward in events management — Expert


Ms Tobi Olanihun, Chief Experience Officer, WOW!Connect, says that tech-based solutions are the way forward for the event management industry.

She made this known at the launch of The Experience Plug Systems (TEPS), the first Nigerian digital event platform on Tuesday in Lagos.

The launch, themed “The Power of the First Impression – Revolutionising the Attendee Experience”, featured a live demo of the digital platform.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that TEPS is a platform that helps simplify event management processes from the attendee and events manager perspective.

According to Olanihun, who is also the Founder of TEPS, the platform was created to add value and close the gaps in the provision of value to stakeholders in the events industry.

The events experience curator said TEPS would eliminate a large percentage of the stress that came with event management, adding that “the branding collateral” was important.

“We’re going to solve most of the problem in event management but we still need users to come ready to effect change as well.

“This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. I am happy we are here at this point and it keeps getting bigger and better.

“There are different areas that need to be worked on in the industry and I’m assured that by continuous learning, more collaborations and tech solutions, we will keep progressing,” she said.

In his keynote address, Babajide Sipe, Head, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Eco Bank emphasised the need to employ tech solutions in organising successful events, adding that at the heart of every event was the user experience.

He noted that over the last 20 years, the events industry had grown drastically, coupled with the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He noted that events management was not only a big contributor to every country’s GDP and economic empowerment but also a reflection of the culture and social life of a group of people.

According to him, events management is a total package that starts from pre-planning to the actual organisation, then post-production.

“Events are no longer about making money but more about making impact.

“TEPS is taking people away from the stress associated with planning straight to the end result. It is important to think of the end product of every event and the experience you want people to take away.

“To do things better with automation, seamlessly and excellently, a first of its kind events platform like TEPS is the way to go,” Sipe said.

Also, Dr Seun Akinbohun, an event hospitality expert, said things would be a lot smoother if people began to utilise more of technology.

During a panel session, she added that the industry needed to rethink its processes and transition from doing things manually.

Similarly, Kunmi Ariyo, Founder and CEO, Mirus events, said the huge potential of tech had not been explored in Nigeria.

“We are getting there but we still have a long way to go. We need to constantly inform our clients of the importance of technology to their guests and overall results.

“There is a lot we can do to improve user experience and keep attendees talking about events for many years to come.”

According to him, one of the major challenges most events struggle with is the presence of queues at venues, which if can be eliminated, will make events exceptional. 

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