Early Childhood Educators task caregivers on appropriate training


The Mentoring Schools for Early-Years Educators (MSEE) has emphasised the need for caregivers to get the appropriate training required to effectively and efficiently discharge their responsibilities.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the MSEE is a Social Enterprise Training School that supports the continuous professional and personal growth of early-years educators, parents of young children and care givers.

Mrs Funmi Ilorin, Co-founder of MSEE, spoke with NAN on Tuesday against the backdrop of some schools engaging services of persons that lacked knowledge to deliver requisite care and education to children and pupils.

“The 0-5 years is a critical period of a child’s life that required serious attention and services of experts either in school or at home, to tailor their lives.

“We, therefore, offer training, coaching and mentoring that span into research work and practicals of how children can receive solid foundation for adult years from caregivers or teachers in preschool.

“We expose them to classes such as teachers made materials, curriculum/adaptation, toddlers infant care, potty training, phonics, maths fun/easy and outdoor activities,” she added.

According to her, these are what early years entail and it is most important to equip the careers in that space as the impact start reflecting in their speeches, attitude, academics and general lifestyle as they increase in age.

Ilorin who is also the Director of Communications of MSEE, said that the school, which operates virtual and physical programmes, had aptured no fewer than 400 participants since inception in 2021.

She added that a major programme of the body was assessment of schools, adding that, “we go round to monitor and mentor schools that registered with us. We act like their eagle eyes.

“We visit the schools, look into their curriculum, interact with teachers, check the children’s notebooks, have interaction with them, check their creativity, communication and interpersonal skills and materials that the children have access to.

“The idea is to find out and know if the teachers are actually delivering what they ought to and we offer training where there are gaps or lapses we identify,” she explained.

Ilorin emphasised that it was only when the foundation of children were properly laid by well-trained careers and teachers, that the primary, secondary and tertiary institution could build upon it.

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